Restaurant Review: Little Fatty & Accomplice

So you’re sitting on your couch in your sweatpants and your Chinese food arrives via delivery and you’re sitting there in your sweats just so thankful that no one needs to see you like this. Well, of course the delivery person but aside from them. Plus, you justify them seeing you in this state of being because you imagine that they’ve seen worse (or at least similar). But then you wonder, can’t I go to a cool place in actual pants and shoes and still eat Chinese food? Well, your answer is now yes (if you’re into that).

A very unsuspecting part of Mar Vista is home to Little Fatty and it’s neighboring bar, Accomplice. Now that we’re saying it, the name makes a TON of sense. Get it? Anyways… the two share a space so you can have your pick of vibes. Want a dark cocktail lounge or a casual Chinese spot free of the red paper lanterns? You decide. You can have both. Despite the two utterances and the incomplete wall between the two, the hallway towards the back of the restaurant keeps them together.

We were in the mood for the dark-cocktail-bar setting so we sat on that side but were lucky enough to have been able to try drinks and food from Accomplice and Little Fatty, respectively and this was a match made in fortune cookie heaven. 

So the cocktails at Accomplice are all amazingly hand crafted that you just sit there in awe of the bartenders. The drink menu is broken up into sections: specialty drinks, classics, and just plain liquor. Don’t even think about leaving the specialty section. I mean, if you do it’s fine….but whatever, your loss.

I tried a few drinks, “Not the Tiki drink” being one and I’m so thankful I did. It had a great balance of rich, refreshing, smokey and sweet. You’re probably like “how can a drink be ‘rich’?!?” and I wish I could tell you but it had this texture in it, almost like what adding an egg white would do to a cocktail (sounds gross but it was great, especially at Bestia but that’s another story). If you like mezcal, or even if you don’t, get this.

Other top contenders include the Ramos Fizz which had the tallest foam on a drink I’ve ever seen and the Margarita which is nothing like your standard marg. I could talk your ear off on drinks but let’s move on to FOOD.


Have a vegetarian friend who you hate getting Chinese with? Bring them here. You can both be happy when you get the General Tso’s Cauliflower because they somehow have the same texture as you would get with chicken. With the tangy sauce, you both will be in heaven and plus, you’ll get a serving of veggies!



Duck Pizza


#PizzaIsLYFE #amiright?! …half kidding. But really, when I saw this on the menu I knew it must be consumed. Shredded duck was on a scallion pancake (the “crust” if you will) and served with a sweet/spicy/tangy sauce. Definitely not the pizza we’re all used to but probably better. GET THIS.




Squid Ink Xio Long Baoxio

Have you had a xio long bao? These are the soup dumplings. Cue: OOOOH right, those. But instead of typical, these were made with squid ink in the dough. These were filled with a the right combination of fish and meat and especially when dunked into the sauce, there was a ton of flavor which makes these a great thing to order.



XO Noodles
Xo2.jpgTake what you know about Chinese noodles and throw them out. These are ROLLED noodles. Yes, you read that right. They are like little noodle pillows that are almost like gnocchi but bigger, therefore better. When coated in the sauce and paired with the veggies, you just want to bring them home and replace your actual pillow so you can have them forever. The only FOMO we had was not being able to twirl them around our fork, but we’ll live. Plus, easier to eat with chopsticks!


Taro & Sesame Mochi Desserttaro

Sometimes at the end of a great meal, you’re not looking for something that will put you “over the edge,” you want something cold and slightly sweet that will end the meal on a good note. This dessert is it, the only it really (it’s the only dessert on the menu). The taro ice cream is served with sesame/red bean mochi balls. It’s a great balance of sweet at savory for you to end the meal.



To end: This spot is pretty much perfect for whatever you need: girls night, date, or Sunday night indulgence. Check out their happy hour and Dim Sum Brunch!


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